Helping organisations identify opportunities and craft digital solutions that improve how they run and how people experience them.

About me

An engineer at heart, I’ve spent my working life so far starting, growing and leading a business that chooses to work with people that make a difference in the world.

I’m at my best finding the simple story in complex or data-heavy situations and using that insight to give clarity to others.

Day-to-day I spend most of my time with businesses, charities and not-for-profits consulting with individuals and senior leadership teams to plan, implement and improve systems and processes.

Ways I can help

Bringing insight

Wise decisions are rooted in good understanding. Working equally well with big-data sets or qualitative research, I’m able to identify and communicate a clear narrative from which decisions can be made.

Shaping strategy

A clearly articulated strategy enables organisations and teams to move forward confidently and efficiently. I work with senior leadership teams to create or refine a simple, usable strategies.

Planning good solutions

Elegant solutions combine an excellent grasp of the tools available and a creativity in bringing them together. I can help you shape a plan to lead internal teams and external suppliers with confidence.

Who I've worked with

I've had the priviledge of working with an amazing range of clients, of all shapes and sizes.

If you're passionate about what you do, care about how you do it and want to do it better - then we'll get on well.

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